Fit out your bed for thermal balancing!

 Sonar Thermal Balancing OUTLASTSonar Thermal Balancing OUTLAST

Do you hear yourself often commenting about being too hot in bed while your partner is adding extra blankets because they are too cold?   This is the most frequent comment we hear from our customers when selecting their new bed quilt. Most quilts are made to suite one season, promoting extra warmth in winter OR to help you sleep cooler during the summer.  So what do you choose when you sleep with a partner who is always throwing off the covers while you're starting to shiver?  The answer is our new Sonar Thermal Balancing OUTLAST Range. Designed to provide comfort for two partners who require different levels of warmth in bed, it will absorb, store and release heat while you sleep, helping to maintain optimal thermal comfort. 

These products feature "OUTLAST" technology which pro-actively manages heat and moisture to help provide a better, more comfortable night's sleep.  The technology is tested and proven to alleviate variations in temperature that cause sleep disturbance, and can help maintain thermal compatibility between couples.

"OUTLAST" technology pro-actively manages heat and balances temperature which controls the production of moisture before it begins.

how it workshow it works

  • Sonar Thermal Balancing products feature OUTLAST technology, that was originally developed for NASA.
  • As leaders in heat and moisture management technology, OUTLAST has conducted research that suggests that sleep is not only important, but rather vital to health and well-being.  According to a recent study by a leading university, there are six major reasons for needing a better nights sleep: memory, metabolism, safety, mood, heart health and disease.
  • The technology utilises phase-change materials that absorb, store and release heat for optimal thermal comfort.  It has the ability to continually regulate the skins' micro-climate.  As the skin gets hot, the heat is absorbed, and as it cools, the heat is released.
  • Sonar Thermal Balancing will proactively manage heat.  This product is perfect for all seasons, and will provide thermal compatability between sleeping partners.

To view our range of Sonar Thermal Balancing OUTLAST products please follow the link below.  Please note this range is available on-line only or by special order request in-store.


    Michelle Baines
    Michelle Baines