What to know when buying your bed sheets.

Our guide in buying bed sheets

To make sure you’re a full bottle on bedding before you make a purchase here’s a quick overview of bed linen terminology. 


Thread count (TC) refers to the number of threads woven into a square cm. Generally, the higher the thread count, the softer the sheets are, however it is just as important to look at the quality and thickness (GSM) of the threads used.


GSM stands for grams per square metre. Generally the higher the GSM, the thicker and heavier the threads are, which means a warmer, more durable fabric.


These days there’s a huge range of different materials used to make bedding, all with different qualities and benefits. Here’s a list of the most common kinds of bed linen materials. 

  • 100% Cotton

Cotton is a natural fibre and feels cool to touch with good "breath-ability" for comfort all year round. 100% cotton is also hypoallergenic and is easy to wash and iron.  Cotton sheets are best for hotter climates & summertime, but remember cotton can shrink. Most manufacturers allow for about a 10% shrinkage on the first wash.

  • Polyester / Cotton Blend

Polyester/Cotton blend bedding is a great affordable option and they are low maintenance. These sheets are fast drying and due to the polyester in the blend they don't crease, therefore you won’t need to iron them!  The poly / cotton blend is common and popular great for the kids bed or a spare bedroom.   The Kingdom Percale range comes in 15 fashionable colours and all sizes.


  • Egyptian Cotton

A special type of cotton originally from the Nile Delta region, Egyptian Cotton is popular for its strength and super silky softness. Egyptian Cotton is considered the highest quality cotton available it also usually comes in a high thread count so if you’re looking for a bit of luxury this might be what you’re looking for.

  • PIMA Cotton

Another special type of cotton is PIMA, similar to Egyptian cotton it offers durability and softness. Most people agree that if Egyptian Cotton is number 1 in the "cotton world", PIMA Cotton is a close second.  Our Ramesses PIMA cotton sheet sets are 1000 thread count offering you superior quality.


  • Bamboo

Bamboo fabric is a new addition to the bed linen market it is a sustainable and eco-friendly product. Bamboo is also a great heat regulator compared to standard cotton and cotton blend sheets making it a great all year round option. Bamboo is also hypoallergenic and mold resistant.  Why not try something new with this great product.


  • Flannel / Flannelette / Fleecy

Flannel fabric is usually made from cotton or a cotton / polyester blend. The fabric is usually ‘brushed’ to give it that nice warm "fuzzy" texture that flannel sheets are known for. Flannel sheets are great in winter. Flannel sheets are usually measured in terms of GSM – the bigger the GSM, the warmer and heavier the flannel is.

For a luxurious flannelette sheet set have a look at our Park Avenue range.  We have been getting great feedback from our customers on this product.


  • Satin

Traditionally know for its luxurious feel, satin is a synthetic fabric which has a super glossy finish and silky touch.  Bambury produce a top quality satin sheet set that wont break your budget.  Available in Queen size only.


  • Damask

Damask fabrics are made when the pattern is created by the actual weave. Examples of damask fabrics are those with a self stripe or more ornate patterns you will often find on comforters and quilt covers.  Sleep in elegant luxury with our beautifully crafted sheet sets by Shangri-La. Featuring a classic damask print finished with an ornate embroidered border.


  • Percale

Percale describes a kind of weave of fabric, rather than a material, so percale sheets could be 100% cotton, a polyester/cotton blend, or any other kind of blend. Percale weave has a thread count of at least 200, making it a tighter style of weave. Percale weave fabrics are usually a medium weight, smooth with no gloss and wash well. They are a super durable option.

  • Sateen

Sateen describes material that is woven the same way as a traditional satin fabric .  Sateen weave gives the fabric a silky sheen and a softer feel.  The Ramesses 400 thread count cotton sateen sheet sets are one of our best sellers, they feel luxurious, are affordable and are available in 10 fashionable colours.


 Are you still confused about what sheets to get for your bed?  Why not pop into one of our local WA stores and chat to the friendly staff who will happily assist you in making the right choice.


Michelle Baines
Michelle Baines