Our exclusive guide on how to care for your bath towels

 Towel Care Guide

BAINES MANCHESTER is proud to offer you a wide range of exceptional quality towels.  Our staff are well trained to assist you to find the best towel to suit you needs.  We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and strive to ensure your complete satisfaction with your purchase.  This guide is intended to provide useful tips to care for your new towels, therefore ensuring many years of comfortable use.


  • Wash towels prior to use.  This assists removal of excess fluff and improves absorbency.
  • Avoid washing powders that contain bleaching agents.  Dissolve all washing products in the water before adding the towels.
  • Wash individual colours separately.  
  • Dark coloured towels can be washed with a handful of cooking salt to assist the dye to set. 
  • Never soak, bleach or boil towels.
  • Fabric softener builds up a “waxy” coating on the towels which reduces their absorbency therefore its best not to use it when washing your towels.
  • Rinse towels well to remove build up of detergent.
  • Use a cold or warm wash, never hot.
  • If possible tumble dry for the first few washes. This will  help remove excess fluff.
  •  Adding ¼ cup diluted vinegar to the rinse cycle helps reduce fluff and improve absorbency. 
  • Avoid drying in full sun, this can make towels fade and become stiff.  
  • Some hand cleaners contain essential oils which can harm the towels, rinsing well after using the cleaner will avoid damaging them.

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Michelle Baines
Michelle Baines