Keep warm and save money heating your home!

Winter Warmers

Heating your home can be an expensive task. Why should you sacrifice warmth for affordability? 

Its time to get savvy and heat your home the cost effective way.  Start by heating yourself first.  Before turning up the thermostat, sort your bed out with some winter warmers.  Energy-watch reports that turning up your thermostat can add a shocking 10% to your annual heating bill so why not try some of our simple bed warmers that wont break your budget.  Put a hot water bottle in bed at least half an hour before you plan to jump in.  Make sure you have your winter bed sheets, an extra blanket and most importantly your winter quilt on the bed.  Not sure what winter bed sheets are?  We call them "Flannelette" sheets otherwise known as "Fleecy" sheets.  Why are fleecy sheets warmer than other bed sheets?  Fleece is a knitted fabric, unlike woven fabric that is simply 2 threads woven thru each other, knits are the result of several threads being wound around each other producing a thicker and therefore warmer fabric. Not only does this knitted fabric keep its colour well overtime, the thicker fabric coupled with a man-made fibre content will help to keep your body heat in the bed.  Save money now on our great range of quality fleecy sheets designed to keep you warmer in bed.

Park Avenue Flannelette Sheet Set      Micro Flannel Sheet Set

Ever tried a heated throw rug?  Regular throw rugs are great as an added accessory on the couch but come winter you need something that can really warm you up!  Heated throw rugs are new in the world of home wares.  These throw rugs are equipped with a built in heating device and will use much less energy than trying to heat up the entire room.  Featuring a 10 step  heating selector and a 9 hour automatic cut off, this heated throw will automatically switch off if over heating.  So much cozier than your standard throw rug.

Heated Throw Rug

 Investing in the right products can help reduce your winter heating bills.

Michelle Baines
Michelle Baines