Tips when choosing the right quilt for your bed.

Tips on how to choose the right quilt for your bedWhether you call it a quilt, doona or duvet, this is an important part of your bedding to consider!  When buying a quilt you need to think about what suits you. Factors such as warmth, weight, upkeep and other considerations like allergies or asthma will determine your choice. Here is a brief rundown of what you need to keep in mind when buying a quilt and what options might best suit your needs.

 GSM - Quilts are measured in GSM (grams per square metre). Generally, the heavier the quilt (higher GSM), the warmer it is.

BLANKET WARMTH - Sometimes people like to rate warmth of quilts by "blanket warmth" the equivalent number of wool blankets that would give the same level of warmth. Blanket warmth uses a scale from one to four, one being cool and four being very warm, however the problem is the warmth of a wool blanket is completely subjective since there are so many types of wool blankets! Blanket warmth ratings should always be used as a guide only. 

LOFT - Loft refers to the thickness of the filling inside the quilt. Loft will vary depending on the type of filling and this does not necessarily refer to the warmth of a quilt. However a quilt that keeps its loft over its lifetime is considered important in terms of quality and durability.


Most quilts come with a cotton or cotton blend cover but as our mothers used to tell us, it’s what’s inside that counts. Here is a list of the types of quilt fillings along with their varying qualities and benefits.


Wool is a fantastic option for someone who prefers a natural fibre filling for their quilt. While most people associate wool products with winter and warmth, wool quilts are very breathable and are great at regulating body temperature.  So if you’re after a year long quilt or if you’re a warm sleeper this could be a good choice. Allergy sufferers and asthmatics should be aware that wool is not naturally hypoallergenic.  However many companies now 'treat' their wool to offer hypoallergenic qualities so you should check the individual product. Wool quilts are usually dry clean only but again, some companies are treating their wool to become washing machine friendly so check the individual product.  At Baines Manchester we recommend the Mini Jumbuk Everyday Quilt.  This quilt is made in South Australia using only the best Australian Merino wool and is backed up with a 5 year guarantee.


Microfibre is a great option as a quilt filling for people who want something they can throw in to the washing machine at home. Microfibre is also super fast drying which is perfect for washing. If you like the luxurious soft feel of down quilts but not the hefty price tag attached, a Microfibre quilt may be a great alternative for you. Microfibre is also a good option for allergy sufferers as it is hypoallergenic.  Check out our Classic Rose Microfibre Quilts,  featuring a timeless rose jacquard print cover, with self piping detail, this 400gsm duvet offers style, value and functionality.


Dacron is a trademarked brand of Polyester fibre filling, marketed for its special ‘hollofil’ technology. Dacron quilts are light and fluffy with a filling that is resistant to flattening, making it warmer and more durable. Like all polyester quilts, these are washing machine friendly and hypoallergenic for peace of mind. Our light and lofty Dacron quilt is filled with 100% Dacron Duralife fibrefill from INVISTA which is supported by " The Asthma Foundation".  This quilt is great for kids as it is machine washable!


On a duck or a goose, feathers are the protective outer layer and down is the soft, fluffy feathers with no quills at the base. In a quilt, you may notice there’s a blend of feathers and down used as filling. The higher the percentage of down used in the quilt the softer, lighter and warmer the quilt will be. Feather & Down quilts are super warm because they capture your body heat, just as if you were a duck! You may notice that the filling may move around so it is recommended that you give your quilt a good shake every now and then to maintain loft and freshness.  Baines offers a new range of feather quilts designed for your satisfaction


Because cotton is naturally light and breathable, a cotton filled quilt is a great choice if you’re after a lighter quilt for the warmer months. Cotton filled quilts are usually washing machine friendly as well as durable for a longer life.  Perfect for the hotter months our Diamond cotton quilts are affordable and cool for the summer months!


Do you hear yourself often commenting about being too hot in bed while your partner is adding extra blankets because they are too cold?   This is the most frequent comment we hear from our customers when selecting their new bed quilt. Most quilts are made to suite one season, promoting extra warmth in winter OR to help you sleep cooler during the summer.  So what do you choose when you sleep with a partner who is always throwing off the covers while you're starting to shiver?  The answer is our new Sonar Thermal Balancing OUTLAST Range. Designed to provide comfort for two partners who require different levels of warmth in bed, it will absorb, store and release heat while you sleep, helping to maintain optimal thermal comfort. 

These products feature "OUTLAST" technology which pro-actively manages heat and moisture to help provide a better, more comfortable night's sleep.  The technology is tested and proven to alleviate variations in temperature that cause sleep disturbance, and can help maintain thermal compatibility between couples.

"OUTLAST" technology pro-actively manages heat and balances temperature which controls the production of moisture before it begins.

how it workshow it works

  • Sonar Thermal Balancing products feature OUTLAST technology, that was originally developed for NASA.
  • As leaders in heat and moisture management technology, OUTLAST has conducted research that suggests that sleep is not only important, but rather vital to health and well-being.  According to a recent study by a leading university, there are six major reasons for needing a better nights sleep: memory, metabolism, safety, mood, heart health and disease.
  • The technology utilises phase-change materials that absorb, store and release heat for optimal thermal comfort.  It has the ability to continually regulate the skins' micro-climate.  As the skin gets hot, the heat is absorbed, and as it cools, the heat is released.
  • Sonar Thermal Balancing will proactively manage heat.  This product is perfect for all seasons, and will provide thermal compatibility between sleeping partners.

Michelle Baines
Michelle Baines