Mattress protectors, toppers and underlays explained

To keep things simple, protectors, toppers & underlays (also sometimes referred to as overlays and underblankets) all go over your mattress and under your fitted sheet. They offer mattress protection or added mattress comfort, or quite often a combination of both.


Mattresses can be a big investment so it makes sense to protect them and extend their life. On the other hand you might be having comfort or support issues with your current mattress, so using a topper or underlay is a much more affordable solution than buying a whole new mattress.


Below is a quick breakdown of the benefits of adding a mattress protector, topper or underlay to your bedding set up.


Placing an extra layer between yourself and the mattress is going to better protect your mattress, not only from day to day wear and tear, but also from bacteria and dust mites, which is particularly important for people who have allergies or breathing difficulties. You can also protect your mattress from moisture such as sweat by using a waterproof protector. Protectors are also available to fit pillows. In the end, it’s much easier to wash a protector or topper than to wash pillows and mattresses!


Comfort and support
Many toppers and underlays have comfort in mind. If you find your mattress too firm or perhaps uneven for your liking a soft and supportive topper or underlay is a much more affordable option than buying a new mattress. Many toppers and underlays come as reversible, giving you a warm and cool weather option in one, such as wool on one side and cotton on the other. Having an extra layer of padding between you and your mattress can also help distribute weight more evenly and relieve pressure points.